Series 7. Eco Icon No. 9

 ‘Rule Britanniaeco fashion by ‘Victim fashion street’


Esthetica the ‘Eco fashion’ arm of London Fashion week sponsored by Monsoon had a smaller but no less impactful presence at Somerset House this season.

The high profile pioneers of exquisite sustainable fashion such as Henrietta Ludgate , Junky Styling and Dr. Noki were joined this year by cult designer ‘Victim Fashion Street’ a label started by Mei-Hui Liu. Completely self-taught in fashion, Mei Hui  worked her way up through the markets in the late 1990s, from Portobello in the West End to Brick Lane in the East End before entering the more formal wholesale and retail markets later on.Before she moved to London permanently in 1998, she did a stint at the American Academy in Paris and after that she spent a year travelling throughout Italy to observe how artisans, art and fashion co-exist in real-life experiences.

Mei-Hui says of her work “Aesthetically, I suppose it’s what you’d call decadent romance cut with a very sharp edge and a dose of haphazard embellishments. People tend to say that I’m one of the early pioneers of the sustainable fashion movement because I was one of the first to make recycling and up cycling a key part of my brand identity. But, above all else, it’s got to embrace opulence even if it is ethical.”

She is known best known for are my series of recycled vintage dresses using Victorian lace, antique haberdashery and a mishmash of new and old fabrics from various eras – all touched with the spirit of the debauched nightlife that permeated the 1980s.”

She continues  “Besides a commitment to sustainability, I guess I’m trying to reach a point where my instinctive love for nostalgia can live side by side with a dash of design innovation. But it’s definitely the sort of innovation that’s approachable, unassuming and totally unpretentious. Maybe it’s also about living with the contrasts that life presents us like harmony and disharmony or old and new and finding a way to make something beautiful out of those contrasts.”

Findingeco loves the  irreverent mix of  vintage and punk in this up cycled  collectible collections of limited edition one offs..we are hearing echoes of John Lydon….’ God Save the Green’…????

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