Series 7. Eco Icon No.15

Just mustard‘ shopper-holic re-useable tote

Just Mustard 'Shopper-holic'   4

Just Mustard 'Shopper-holic'   2

We are living in a world where the days of plastic bags are thankfully numbered. Re-useable bags are becoming an every day necessity – yet rarely do we find a tote that is as witty, well designed and portable as the ‘ shopper-holic re-useable tote by ‘Just Mustard’.

Designed to look like a designer bag at first glance  it is, however, a reusable tote designed to fold up into a little pouch, which can be opened up when needed. The compact nature of its design means it is totally portable- and can be carried around in a handbag and used easily when required.

In an effort  to cut down on waste, most stores are encouraging the use of reusable shopping totes by charging customers money for a standard plastic bag. Thegreat thing about the Shopper-holic is its high end design. Form and function in perfect unison….a findingeco’ must!

This concept could be expanded to include a male collection with a series of ‘manbag’ designs! Let’s watch this space!