Series7. Eco Icon no.16


RE-PLY‘ Re purposed cardboard recliner

by Dan Goldstein

When is a a cardbox box not a cardboard box? When it falls into the hands of Dan Goldstein. In this witty , no wastage, recycled furniture collection names Re-Ply or perhaps it should have  been called ‘re-apply’!!. This  core concept for this project according to designer Dan Goldstein is a rather unique appraoch to  both form and method, using broken-down boxes that would otherwise be discarded  as  garbage to form a reclining lounge chair.

Based in San Francisco,the Re-PLY chair  is inspired by designer seats, with its sleek lines and mid century references it would grace any contemporary interior.

The Re-PLY Chair has  a few features that sets it apart from other cardboard furniture creations available in the recycled market place. It is reclinable for maximum comfort.The metal base is either powdercoated or zing-plated and the overall dimensions are 30” L x 23” D x 25.5” H It is also available with a felt or faux fur  cover and Dan is currently  looking for funding to develop the range via Kickstarter.

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