Series 7.Eco Icon No.17.

Surprise Surprise‘ light by Stephen Johnson


In the same way that Jeff Koons challenged our perceptions of every day objects by playing with their scale ….London based designer Stephen Johnson has designed this delightful, oversized and  witty light made out of semi- transparent PET, as part of his ‘surprise, surprise’ collection.

This surreal, upscale interpretation of a ‘gift bow’ is clearly designed to make you smile. Filled with echoes of past birthdays and celebrations .Surprise Surprise is both a visually stunning object and a multifunctional light that can be used on a wall, a ceiling,  table or can even be suspended as a pendant lamp from the ceiling.It explores how light can be used to evoke emotions and memories , which is Stephen Johnson’s mission as a designer. Exploring the less obvious elements of design, his work centres largely on how design can exist for the cognitive, as well as our practical needs. Through a love of ornamentation and kitsch he considers design as fulfilling emotional needs like humour and nostalgia.
Finding Eco…LOVES LOVES LOVES this !!! ‘Surprise Surprise’ definitely merits title of ‘Eco Icon No. 17’,

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