Series 7. Eco Icon No.19

The human side of fashion :Life changing storytelling T’s, healing through shared experiences.

Often in life when we are faced with difficult life challenges like the loss of a loved one, we do everything we can to get through them and in time re – build and move on, However we can all learn from the visionary way Brett Novek dealt with the loss of  his father to Lymphoma, As a way of keeping the memory of his dad alive and as a place where other people could also share their  personal life-changing stories, Brett Novek started good hYOUman.

He created a concept T shirt and accessory line that featured the stories that people share on the company’s website . This not only helps to raise awareness towards the individuals struggling with life-threatening diseases but they are also a way of healing through sharing a deeply emotional experience.

Brett donates ten percent of all proceeds from the clothing line towards helping the  90,000 people or so diagnosed with Leukemia and Lymphoma every year.

Good hYOUman is a perfect and inspiring example of the growing swell of  social businesses. As Brett says, “everyone has a story, and we get out inspiration from the stories you share with us.”

Finding Eco loves this concept as we believe that all businesses should have a triple bottom line because ‘putting back’ is where real value come from.

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