Series 8. Eco Icon No.2.


“from Trash to treasureMunenari Maegawa’s recycled accessory collection.

Artist Munenari Maegawa has created a witty collection made from discarded packaging which would have added to the landfill. She takes packages for items like M&M’s and McDonalds and turns them into pop culture pieces of clothing.

This vibrant  colourful collection includes vests, ties, bibs and ribbons. Munenari Maegawa’s series ‘Package’ has achieved originality and sustainability . The vest in this collection is made from washing detergent boxes- how brilliant to be able to give a second life to the packaging of your washing powder!.  The M&M tie is one of the most original of the collection.

‘Package’ leads the way in highlighting how recycling one person’s trash can definitely create ‘treasure’ for another!

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