Series 8. Eco Icon No. 3

Branching out!  ‘Forms in Nature’ create an indoor forest.


We have lived with the concept of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ in interior design schemes but designers Hilden & Diaz have just taken this concept to a new level! The amazing design duo have created this unique sculptural lighting  piece as a homage to the  late Darwinist Ernst Haeckel’s and his drawings.

This beautiful sculptural pendant  light called appropriately “Forms in Nature” is inspired by the root formation of a tree. The light source nestled within it’s centre, creates when lit, these oversized organic shadows that fill the walls of the space with undulating forms that create the illusion of a ‘shadow forest’.

The light at the moment is in prototype stage and Hilden & Diaz are so committed to bringing their concept to market that they are getting ready to launch the product via a Kickstarter campaign. So look out for them on Kickstarter and watch this space  if you’re interested in one of these pieces.


Finding Eco  LOVES both the concept and the piece and  we think it is worthy of being our Series 8 Eco Icon no. 3! So we will be watching their progress very closely!!!

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