Series 8. Eco Icon No.5

My Family‘ by Sonia Verguet upcycled furniture collection

20 chairs, one wooden cube that is the concept behind Sonia Verguet’s unique recycled chair collection  The collection of  20 chairs, stools and ottomans is made up of a combination of  of recycled seating, with individual bases, seats  or back rests creating an eclectic yet surprisingly  cohesive collection with each chair either working as a stand alone piece or together as a’ family’ of chairs.

The contemporary art center La Kunsthalle de Mulhouse has commissioned Sonia to create a  production of 20 unique chairs, with the option to also create one -of-a-kind, customised versions available  as individual commissions.

‘My Family’ is the perfect name for this collection as in the same way as a family is made up of a connected but individual people, so Sonia Verguet seats, with a choice of one’s preferred style of backrests and legs have a common design thread while allowing for each chairs unique individuality to shine through.

Whether you choose one to match your personality or your interior, within Sonia Verguet’s ‘Family’ there is a chair for everyone! Looking forward to choosing mine now!


by orianna fielding

Eco icon finder, designer, author , curator, broadcaster, retailer …following the principles of Wabi Sabi…learning to love the beauty of imperfection….learning that to ignore the facts doesn’t change the facts and remembering it is never too late to become who you are….and that it is better to be kind than to be right with a personal mission to find out ‘how to feed the soul without starving the planet’.



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