Series 8. Eco Icon No.6

‘Pulp Fiction’  Unique organic lighting by Enrico Romero de la Llana

pulp lamp 2

Barcelona based product designer Enrique Romero de la Llana, has created the ‘Pulp Lamp’ collection to ‘give a second life’ to discarded newspapers. Every lamp  in the collection is formed from a 100% recycled paper pulp and made by hand using a selection of inflatable molds. With their textural and organic forms, each one is totally unique.  The collection is contemporised by his brilliant use of the red flex.

With the advent of digital newspaper and the increase in paper waste, this collection addresses the problem of paper waste brilliantly by ‘shining’ a light on the issue and resolving it through a sustainable design solution. The combination of the organic shapes, textural finish and red flex casts a ‘warm glow’ on re-purposed design, in the creation of this iconic , contemporary lighting collection.

pulp lamp

Finding Eco particularly likes this elemental, resolved ‘design with purpose’ collection.

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