Series 8. Eco Icon No.7.

The only way is UP!

The UP-SHIRT does it better than most.

UP shirt



Fashion designer and environmentalist Reet Aus  has made up-cycling both her personal and professional  mission spanning  her up-cycled fashion collections to her costume design for films and theatre.

Having recently completed a Phd in sustainable fashion design,  Reet’s research led her to Bangladesh, where she began a working relationship with a factory called Beximco who make garments for many well known brands.  Their manufacturing  process accumulates an excess of waste fabrics which Reet saw as a positive opportunity to effect change. gathering together a team of experts to use all the off cuts and create an up-cycled garment and the UP-shirt was born.

Every year numerous public events such as stadium sports events , concerts, or festivals print t-shirts for the event which more often than not after a couple of wears find their way to the bottom of a drawer or worse are thrown away. If we started to view each T shirt as a vast tank of water required to produce it, perhaps we would stop to consider the implications of our ‘throw away’ culture. Factory made t-shirts produce up to 40% wastage which in turn means that 40% of the cotton is grown for production is wasted   and vast amounts of water and earth resources are used, as well as the energy required to  spin the yarn, transport the material, the  factory’s own energy consumption and the labour used in the production chain.

Using new up-cycling design and production methods it is now possible to  mass produce a t-shirt with a 80% smaller environmental footprint.


After many years of dedicated  research  Upmade came up with a design and production model to mass produce t-shirts using the 40% left over by traditional factory production methods.

Their mission is to  demonstrate that mass up-cycling works, with a view to ultimately reducing  the negative impact on the environment of manufacturing waste produced by the fashion industry.

Rees and her team have recently launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the development of the UP shirt. Support them here and give them a big heads UP!

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