Series 8. Eco Icon No. 8.

‘ BUBBLES’ Champagne bottle top upcycled jewellery collection by Laura Lobdell


Laura Lobdell

New York artist Laura Lobdell , began to apply the ‘found-object vocabulary’ she practiced in her art, to  her jewelry design. Her first pieces  was called the “Guitar Pick.”  The “Guitar Pick” was originally made for musician friends who played in the Village, would lose their picks, and call out to the crowd for quarters or nickels as substitutes.  Laura decided to sculpt classic guitar picks in silver and threaded with leather to be worn around the players’ necks, which their girlfriends promptly pinched to adorn themselves, creating a need for more.  Laura added four related pieces to create a collection titled “Five Easy Pieces,” presented in decoupage black cigar boxes:  a RunoverBeerBottleCap, Bullet, Piano Key (from an antique Steinway), and the Slab ID bracelet.

Requests for similar jewelry styles led to Laura designing what have now become  her signature pieces:  “Bubbles Royale,” a bubble wand in sterling silver or gold that comes with liquid bubbles, the “Match Stick Necklace,” packaged in a match box illustrated with “You’re My Match,” and the “Champers Ring and Collection” – all signed, copyrighted, and hand-crafted in New York City.

An avid vintage and textile collector, Laura developed a hand-knotting technique with ocean-washed silk, to create the first “Seeds of Silk” collection.  New color stories emerge seasonally.

Her collections, being hand crafted, locally made and created using found and upcycled objets, tick all the sustainable design boxes that we at Finding Eco  look for in our Eco Icon worthy featured designers.

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