Series 8. Eco Icon No.11.

Water works!

The Marta Collection by Bib&Sola


81288-2 1glass-white


Bib&Sola is a  design company dedicated to raising awareness for water through their beautifully designed,  exquisitely made, hand blown glass water carafe and glass sets. As a company Bib&Sola ‘ walk the talk’ by giving 10% of all  their profits to partnered charitable organisations.

According to Bib&Sola founder Kira Heuer the Marta Collection is “Inspired by the woman water bearers of our world . 

Each of our product designs are inspired by a unique water story, be it giving ode to the daily plight of water carriers in Malawi, the wonder and  mystique of ethnic cultural tea ceremonies, natural water phenomenon’s — storms at sea, the Niagara falls, or perhaps a mere child splashing through a puddle.

Their mission is  to make us aware of the precious commodity that water is, by creating their own designed version of glass’ water bearers’ namely their covetable and design led, contemporary  Marta Collection.

Their longterm aim is that the water  that we take for granted in the Western world will be available to everyone so it will no longer be the luxury it unfortunately still is in certain parts of our world.

 We at  Finding Eco love the message, adore the product and respect the integrity of Bib&Sola.

The world needs more visionary companies like Bib& Sola.


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