Series 8. Eco Icon No.12

Flower power’

Succulent showpiece necklace

by Tyramin



Tyramin began their creative journey by designing and creating iconic  sustainable jewelry. Their original concepts evolved and expanded to include home decor collections using the  silhouettes, and materials from the jewelry collection,  Their jewelry & home designs are whimsical and elegant with some surprising darker undertones. The materials  and techniques they use meld the traditional and the contemporary giving a contemporary twist to timeless ideas. Their collections use sustainable materials and energy efficient manufacturing which for them has been the most important element of their design process, and their commitment to sustainability extends beyond their design to their business practices.

Tyramin design their collections in a  thoughtful and sustainable manner.Their Succulent jewelry collection and home design objects are hand cast from real succulent plants and locally grown and sourced flowers. Energy efficient methods, recycled packaging and sustainable materials are drive their design process , and labour and manufacturing are both sourced in the USA .  Tyramin Studios are based in Pittsbugh, Pennsylvania,  The Succulent casts retain the texture of the original live plant, very similar to taking a fossil impression. The Pewter-cast plants are arranged to imitate the natural growing patterns of hens and chicks succulents. Flower clusters measure about 8.5″ long by 3.5″ High, with an adjustable Stainless Steel chain.. Tyramin jewelry is artist-made made in the USA. To Tyramin craftsmanship and sustainability are as important to them as their considered sense of design.


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