Series 8. Eco Icon No.15

 Jewellery as sculptural art

 by Atelier XJC


“Whoever wishes to do great things must think profoundly of the details.”

Poet and writer Paul Valéry, via Atelier XJC.

When we normally hear of Swiss Luxury design firms our thoughts turn to luxury watches, jewellery and accessories made of precious and semi precious materials. But that was before Atelier XJC launched their iconic, avant garde collection of sculptural, one off intricate, sculptural jewellery pieces inspired by plumes, feathers, scales and Elizabethan large scale referenced ruffs.

Using their  unique expertise in the world of luxury product design, particularly in the field of luxury watchmaking and jewellery through their collaborations with prestigious and internationally recognised manufacturers, XJC  pushes the boundaries of their skillsets  to a higher level with the launch of an ideas laboratory to act as an incubator for the creation of unique, pioneering and directional collections.

The arresting photos of the collection and the  choice of  non-conventional models add to the impact of the collection. It is so engaging, and interesting  to see these conceptual jewellery pieces modelled by a unique group of  models with individuality and style. the photos were taken by Milo Keller & Julian Gallico of the Twinroom agency in Paris.


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