about finding eco

….but beautiful.

In search of the ultimate ‘eco objects’ of desire

Hi- my name is Orianna Fielding …and I am on a mission to search out the ultimate eco objects of desire from around the world. I have spent the last 20 years immersed in the world of design, spanning fashion, graphics, furniture design, interior design and retailing. I have written two books on interiors and have presented numerous design programmes on TV over the past 10 years.

Design is my passion…the dynamics between objects-my fascination and the sourcing of new innovative, beautifully designed objects where form and function dance together…my mission. During the last four years…a new integral element has driven my search for the ultimate objects of desire….these icons of design…that must achieve greatness in terms of aesthetics and functionality but WITHOUT compromising the environment,or adding to our carbon footprint….or putting a strain on our planet’s precious resources… I want to show that we can ‘walk the talk’ in eco design terms…but without compromising on design, style or quality! Is it achievable….yes it is….

I have spent the last few years searching out from the most hidden corners of our globe the ultimate eco icons that fulfil all my pre requisites in terms of eco-credentials but without compromising on design, quality or functionality. I have created my weekly ‘Orianna’s top 20 ultimate eco objects of desire’ list which can cover ECO: fashion, beauty,jewellery, accessories, homeware, furniture, architecture, lighting and vintage. The items featured will all have to comply with one of the following 6 categories… Organic Fairtrade Recycled Natural Hand made Vintage My mission is to invite you on this ‘eco icon’ voyage of discovery because you are out there in the world…you will know of a brilliant local designer maker,that only uses sustainable materials and creates sublime objects of desire….the amazingly haunting scents coming from a kitchen table of a local perfume maker using organic oils…the hidden tree house made of sustainable wood that the local architects have designed….the best recycled porcelain egg cup….

Send me your posts of your ultimate eco -icons and together we will show that we can widen the reach of people embracing eco who to-date perhaps have resisted because they were not personally willing to compromise on design & style in order to embrace a greener lifestyle by choosing eco products because they were unable to find products that fulfilled both design and green criterias. the search is over. I will edit all your eco-wonders and compile my weekly top 20 eco objects of desire from them….which you could vote on and each week I will post the ‘star eco-icon’ that you have chosen.

3 thoughts on “about finding eco

  1. Dear Orianna

    First of all congratulations for your iniciative, the world urgently need people like you to promote products, ideas, initiatives that contributes to the Climate Change. And as the CEO of ETEL we are really proud to have our founder Etel Carmona and Estwira Screen one of our products mentioned on your website. Series 2.Eco Icon.No 8
    We were pionerss in Brasil to use FSC certified wood for high end Furniture. With the contribuition of Etel we had the first comunity forest certified by FSC in Xapuri, state of Acre, Brasil. Its where we produce all our acessories with fsc wood remainings (branches, roots etc.), for e.g the Ruda Bowl (picture attached).

    We would like to thank you again for you support
    With our best regards

    Lissa Carmona

    • Many thanks for your support and encouragement….together through small steps positive change can come ,,,,in our quest
      ‘to feed our souls without starving the planet….’

      Best Orianna.

  2. Hi my name is Alex Vinçon from Spain and after seing your page, I wonder” is cake design something fashion?”. I hope yes and “eco” cake sure. My business name is petitfour.es and I hope you like it “Mondrian vs. Mies van der Rohe”.
    Thanks for your time and congratulations for your page

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