Series 8. Eco Icon No.10

“When less really is more.”

Giorgio Caporaso’s cardboard shelving collection for LESSMORE products.

image-02  More-ita  images

The More Collection is a multi functional  system of modular furniture for internal and external use.

The design of this sustainable collection has centered around its modularity and transformability, starting with the design of a basic  unit,  which can be combined with other identical or similar units to create a bespoke shelving unit.  It can be made into a suspended wall unit, an open bookcase , or it can be used as a room divider other environments, and can be anchored or suspended from the ceiling.

More is the response to everyday life that demands an ongoing flexibility of spaces and adaptability of furniture to meet our ever changing life style requirements.

The product is based on the use of units which can be readily combined without needing any special or complex equipment and which can be built up as desired, so providing highly versatile and interesting solutions which are not only aesthetic, but – given its self-supporting nature – are also functional.

There is no limit to the number of ways in which the units can be assembled. The creations are never permanent and can easily be changed, as the finish of each unit enables it to be used as a final element. Linear, corner and overhang compositions are possible.

Giorgio Caparosa says ” Objects can have a long, sometimes varied, life, until, that is, they are at last disposed of. To ensure that their everlasting effect on the planet is well felt, these products are born through careful study dedicated to both birth and rebirth.”

These furnishings and accessories explore the eco-friendly potential of cardboard and wood,  enabling the product to meet the design expectations of the product while at the same time being sustainable and innovative. Designed by Giorgio Caporaso, Lessmore products are manufactured to be easily disposable and to have no negative impact on the environment.

Findingeco loves the successful fusion of design, sustainability and flexibilty  inherent within this collection and values its commitment to treading lightly on our planet.


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