Series 3. Eco Icon No.19

Gemma Redux upcycled multi-chain bracelet

A- list Jewellery-designer Gemma Redux, a favorite of celebs like Natalie Portman, Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, and Cameron Diaz—specialises in the creation of ‘must have’ reclaimed, mixed metal jewelled eco icons. In case the name Gemma Redux is new to you, it is the brain child of Rachel Dooley who while taking  a break from her law studies for the New York Bar Exam started creating some jewellery pieces for herself.

Before long  Dooley’s industrial-chic designs began to be featured in the  pages of Harper’s bazaar and Glamour magazine and on Hollywood’s glitterrati. “Gemma Redux pieces are never precious,” Dooley has said. “The metals are generally not delicate but rather industrial, and the stones are rough and intense. Intentionally tough and complex designs made for the tough and complex girl—the Gemma Redux girl.”

I am feeling ‘ a Gemma Redux’ moment coming on…..tough, intense & complex….very 2010!

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