Series 7. Eco Icon No.12

Iconic recycled paper accessories by Mary Design


Newspaper Couture

Hats made of  newspaper always bring to mind , a basic folded boat -shaped effort , best left to pre- school experts.  However Mary Design at the Minas Trend Preview in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has crafted an exquisite collection of , catwalk worthy, graphic, iconic head and neck pieces that have taken fine layered, recycled paper mache from the humble beginnings of an art project to the international fashion arena.

The Ga-Ga esque head pieces that would not look out of place  on the cover of Vogue are inspired by  historical hat shapes such as the  1920’s cloche hat , another refers to  planetary rings, a third re-interprets African ceremonial head gear and turns it into a Stephen Jones worthy iconic piece.

The creative process behind these extraordinary  accessories centres on a refined paper mache technique that  preserves the finely layered print, which is  legible when viewed at close proximity- adding another dimension to the wonders of this collection. If ever there was a collection of pieces worthy of the ‘finding eco’ Eco Icon title – this is it!!!  Paper recycling  like you’ve never seen before!!!

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