Eco Icon No.12

Re-worked ‘one off’  collectable pieces from BOKJA’s new furniture collection

Bokja -is an old Turkish description for embellishing treasured items by wrapping them in ornately embridered and decorated velvet fabrics usually from the embroidered dowry of a bride.

Beirut based partnership Hoda Baroudi + Maria Hibri formed Bokja in 2000, their shared vision being to re-interpret contemporary classics by using age-old artisanal traditions incorporating the influences of both the Mediterranean and the Asian Hinterland.

Producing unique one-off pieces that use the highest levels of craftsmanship while breathing new life into once treasured embroidered textiles from all over the world , each of their unique pieces are recycled forming an eclectic fusion between the past and present, East and West.

Their designs are a joyous  explosion of exotic motifs and colours, and now grace the Christian Louboutin Stores globally and also take pride of place in Mathew Williamson’s recently launched New York flagship.

Ticking all the boxes of eco fulfillment, design and covetability….these unique re-incarnations of 60’s + 70’s classics are a joyous example of recycling at its very best.

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