Series 2.Eco Icon No.16

Plastic fantastic.RecycledRD chairs by Richard Liddle

The Rd Chair seems to have sprung from the  open source that is  Richard Liddle’s imagination…part uber gaffer tape fest…part liquorice whirl….this  limited edition chair has been  made from recycled post consumer plastic waste…..and feels as good to sit it looks!

RCA graduate Richard Liddle founded British company Cohda Design Ltd in 2006 as an urban design brand with a mission: “to design, manufacture and supply innovative contemporary products that break down the pre-conceptions of what sustainable, innovative designs should be

The RD (Roughly Drawn) Legs Limited Edition chairs are hand woven in 100% recycled domestic plastic waste. Building on the early experimental plastic processes developed by Richard Liddle, the design uses no glues or additional fixings in its production. All they add is heat and skill.  This design has been widely recognised as one of the ‘00s major iconic ECO products and was short listed in the category of “Innovation” in the House and Garden Classic design awards at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

Cohda Design is fearlessly exploring the possibilities of intelligent, sustainable design that does not compromise on its intellectual or aesthetic blueprint.

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