Series 3. Eco Icon No.8

Reworked vintage eco jewellery collection S/S 10 by Lulu Frost






Lisa Salzer  , jewellery  designer of the celebrated  re-worked vintage inspired collection Lulu Frost , created these spectacular pieces  for Erin Fetherston’s spring ’10 collection.  Featuring Cleopatra style  collars made of elaborate combinations of  gold chains and vintage crystals that seem to be  also adding a Joan Collins  ‘Dynasty’ moment into the mix….

Lisa Salzer, is a visionary in her field, and is building a reputation not only as a fashion forward, directional and inspiring jewellery designer but as an important contributor to the eco- luxe movement. Her concept of reworking antique jewellery pieces into new iconic contemporary  jewellery collections was conceived during her senior year at Dartmouth. Her couture handcrafted “recycled” jewellery is entirely made from  antiques sourced by her  and every piece is unique. Her pieces are like a journey of inherited memories delicately transformed into  modern day eco jewellery icons.

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