Series 3.Eco icon No.16

Vintage re-worked Schiaparelli print silk bag by Esther B

Schiaperelli Evening Bag

UK based designer Esther  Burdett has created this collection of exquisite ‘eco must haves’ using vintage Schiaparelli news print silk . Each bag is completely original, made from limited edition silks and frames, and  are fully-lined and  hand-stitched by  Esther . Each bag is a limited production piece.. Her work is inspired by the idea of transforming and reworking beautiful – perhaps forgotten – fragments of the past into new forms, to be treasured all over again.
With a long-standing passion for collecting, Esther carefully selects staple elements of couture such as fine antique and vintage silks, laces and other precious found objects. Whether it be 19th-century hand-worked lace, an exquisite piece of printed silk or a beautiful antique bag frame, each piece is chosen for its exquisite quality and intricate detail.

Esther B’s style of work embodies the quintessential glamour of  the great Hollywood screen sirens. Esther says “the glamour of the 1920s and 1930s and Hollywood starlets of the 50s are all inspirational to my designs”. LOVE the use of the Schiaparelli pink for the lining…..

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