Series 4. Eco icon no.9

‘ Arbre ‘eco electric tree by Wan-jin Joo, and Hyun-Joung

The ever increasing design possibilities of LED lights have been explored to the max with  this ultra modern electric tree from designers Wan-jin Joo, and Hyun-Joung. The Arbre tree is made up of branches made from recycled plastic and featuring white LED lights all throughout each branch. Designed as a totally modular lighting system, each individual light branch piece  can be interlocked with the next to create whatever shape you like .

The Eco electric tree is both recycled -made from recycled plastic and eco through its low energy  consumption and totally modular can be made into virtually any shape or style that the user wants, this can be tall and thin or short and wide. Each twig has an integral LED’s so there is always going to be an even amount of LED’s no matter how it is put together.

Designers Wan-jin Joo, and Hyun-Joung talk about their design philosopy:

“Since the beginning of the 21st century, environmental friendly design in material and shape has been getting increasingly important. So I made lightning that gives us a feeling just like nature is getting into the house literally by using tree-shape. For light, LEDs are used, while recycled plastic is used for the branch part. Arbre utilizes a module method of lighting. To use this light, the user must put the branch shaped pieces into one another. As the human inspires life into the tree, the tree releases the light through its branches.”

Organic in concept and realisation…..low on energy high on design…a definite ‘finding eco’  icon.

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