Series 4. Eco icon no.14

Ma Bicheupcycled tapestry Deer byFrédéric Morrell

Fresh from  the  Maison et Objet  show in Paris, where French company Frédérique Morrell exhibited their new ‘ slice of life’ – ‘passe murailles’ collection – a series of upcycled needlepoint covered animal icons..which definitely drew the crowds.

Each piece is a one off and is hand made – giving each animal their own unique personality and style.The husband and wife team behind  Frédérique Morrell view their mission as saving vintage discarded needlepoint from oblivion by transforming them into new iconic pieces of design preserving the intricate work of the original needlepoint for future generations.They explain:

“‘our products have been carefully re-made using vintage needlework saved from oblivion in the interest of the redemption of the painstaking work involved in their original creation. when wandering around
markets or garage sales we’re often very saddened to see discarded embroidery. we think about the love, time, craftsmanship and patience that went into creating such beautiful things and find it so sad that they end up unwanted and for sale for a few dollars. all of those wonderful tablecloths, doilies and cushions and the skills that are evident in those discarded things are in danger of being lost to future generations.

These upcycled, upscale pieces breathe new life into a tradition for handcrafted skills that is fast dying out…and have created a life filled, joyous collection of eco icons that will introduce and preserve the beauty of needlepoint for generations to come.

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