Series 4. Eco Icon No.17

SUNO vintage African textile collection  for S/S 10

SUNO’s vintage African textiles have  been upcycled and re-worked to create  this directional, multi print  unique  collection for S/S 10.

SUNO was formed  by Max Osterweis in New York  2008 after spending more than a decade collecting local african textiles during his visits to Kenya. Spurred on by the thought that  Kenya’s recent post election political unrest might adversely affect tourism or foreign investment in a country with such abundant natural resources and talent, Max decided to do something positive to encourage and support local skills and decided to use his extensive collection of vintage local textiles as his starting point. . Max decided to promote and support the local talent and skills that he found in kenya by building a successful and high profile fashion New York based company that employs local Kenyan talent, as a fair trade employer , and showcases some of Kenya’s artisanal unique skills in the hope that they could be the pioneers of positive and lasting social and economic change in the area. It does not always follow that sound ethical and sustainable practices in fashion equate with successful  , fashion forward collections- however in the case of Suno Max Osterweis has managed to tick all the boxes in his creation of this joyous, fun and unique brand. Worthy of eco icon status!

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