Series 5. Eco Icon No.2

Rubber band Necklaces by M2

Arizona Dream

The Noughties is bringing with it a new breed of multi disciplinary designers who are using their talents across several design platforms to create unique design collections. The new jewellery collection  of  New York based architect Margarita Mileva is a shining example of designers crossing over into other design arenas-outside their comfort zones.

M2 is the new jewellery collection by Milev Architects . Says Mileva “I was inspired  by the  ever-changing character of the contemporary architectural office, where standard tools become obsolete, discarded rubber bands and paper clips became the source of inspiration for this particular collection of necklaces”.

Love the metamorphosing of the humble rubber band into the painterly colours and forms of  this jewellery collection…like a three dimensional tapestry…will be looking at rubber bands with fresh eyes.

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