Series 5. Eco Icon No.3

‘What Watt?’ Chandelier by Tim Fishlock

Multidisciplinary  London based Designer Tim Fishlock’s wit and lightness of touch  is high profiled by the naming of his memorial to the incandescent lightbulb’ What Watt?
He clearly subscribes to the If it’ aint broke why fix it’….when you can interpret it….re purpose it. ….and make an iconic interpretation of it!
Tim created   a low energy decorative  spherical chandelier made up of 1243 suspended bulbs  of various shapes and sizes which form the shade but remain unlit, illuminated by a single low-energy light bulb suspended by a bright red cord positioned  in the middle of all the unlit bulbs.
By 2011, all forms of incandescent light bulb will have been phased out in favour of greener alternatives. What Watt? marks the passing of a design that has remained relatively unchanged since its invention 130 years ago.
Tim’s limited edition  of ten  ‘ What Watts’ will no doubt become a collectable, iconic homage to the transition from an era of energy consumption to one of energy conservation.

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