Series 5. Eco icon No.16

Delicious up- cycled tea cupcake standsby Esther Coombs

Jam Tart Small Cake Stand

Southampton based UK creative ceramic artist Esther Coombs  has launched her unique collection of up-cycled ceramic cake stands,

Each piece made from a combination of wine glasses and tea cups are as delicious as the cakes they were designed to hold. With the growing trend for highly decorated cup cakes and a return to having ‘ afternoon tea’…Esther’s cake stands are the perfect way to display a host of edible goodies.

This pretty floral cake stand has three tiers and is a lovely mixture of china and glass, with wine glasses dividing up the layers.It is made from found and unloved glass and china found in every place from charity shops.Most of her items are made with some items purchased in a charity shop, so with each piece the purchaser has made a contribution to charity via her charity shop purchase.

When making a cake stand Esther selects a group of china she think will sit well together and wait for a drawing that fits. The city drawings contrast nicely with the flowers on the china. All her cake stands are up-cycled by hand by her and are not suitable for dishwashers or boiling hand washes.

In addition she doesn’t use transfers or prints as all the drawings are done by hand with a ceramic ink pen.

If anyone needed a nudge to consume a bit of Battenburg and a couple of cup cakes…..with one of Esther’s cake stands watch that willpower fly out of the window….

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